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New Jersey

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forget me.
alkaline trio, all against authority, all american rejects, american hi-fi, apples, aquabats, armor, art, autopilot off, bass, bigwig, black pens, black socks, bread, california, cameras, candy, cards, cds, cheese, chipper people, cock fights, coffee, coheed & cambria, color, computers, corn on the cob, crayons, dashboard confessional, dashboard confessionals, dell, doors, driving, dropkick murphys, drums, earth, email, fallout boy, flip flops, floggin molly, florida, flowers, food, friends, further seems forever, georgia, gin blossoms, gold, green day, guitar, hamburgers, hilary duff, homies, hootie, jack johnson, jeans, kazoo, keyboard, keys, lagwagon, less than jake, lettuce, lights, mad caddies, markers, maryland, matchbook romance, matress, mentos, mest, money, motion city soundtrack, movies, music, name taken, new jersey, nofx, oc, ocean city, one man army, operation ivy, orange ave, pennywise, people, pepper, philly, photography, piano, pillows, porn, rain, rancid, randomness, reel big fish, rufio, rx bandits, salt, saucony, saved by the bell, sences fail, senses fail, skateboarding, sleep, sleeping, slick shoes, snowboarding, something corporate, soup, space, spike tv, spring, staples, steak, steely dan, summer, surfing, swingin utters, taking back sunday, tee shirts, telephone, the ataris, the early november, the get up kids, the oc, the ocean, the offspring, the ramones, the rotten fruit, the starting line, the used, the zoo, thrice, thursday, tic tacs, tight jeans, track, vh1, warped tour, water, wildwood, windows, word, words, yellowcard, zebrahead, zoo